North Park is a Bible-believing church that desires to be spiritual contributors rather than spiritual consumers, because we are God's Church, redeemed in Christ, led by the Spirit, and we exist for God's glory in the world.  We believe that happens best through our five pillars:

Worship - Not only during our Sunday morning worship gathering, but also in our everyday lives.

Small Groups - Meet following our Sunday morning gathering. Small groups are where ministry happens at North Park and beyond as the church connects in one another's lives.

Children - Children at North Park love this ministry so much they insist their parents take them to church rather than being forced to go!

Students - Students experience discipleship in life groups throughout the week and powerful worship and biblical teaching on Wednesday nights.

Missions - We serve Jesus by serving here, there, and everywhere.  We want to impact our community, state, nation, and world!  We are associated with the Southern Baptist Convention and other mission agencies to advance the Gospel and serve the world.